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Specialising in post-production for Film & Television

Andrew Webber is an award-winning, narrative feature Film Editor who has produced powerful TV promos and cinematic film trailers, which have been shown in cinemas all over the world. Specialising in post-production, his passion lies with delivering dramatic, cutting-edge edits. Channel 4’s 'Come Dine With Me' and 'BBC’s Eastenders E20' being prime examples of this.

Recently, Andrew’s career has progressed towards directing TV commercials and programmes, along with producing viral videos for Channel 4‘s, Emmy award-winning web series ‘Battlefront’.

After having much success in his career Andrew foundered AW Broadcast, a boutique media production company committed to producing boundary-pushing films and programming. His first short film, 'Second Wind' received a collection of award nominations in the Portobello Film Festival and the Black International Film Festival.


2015 Jamaica Film Festival 2015  | Official Selection - 'Second Wind'
2014 Portobello Film Festival | Nominated for Best Drama - 'Second Wind'
2014 Portobello Film Festival | Official Selection - 'Second Wind'
2014 Black International Film Festival | Official Selection - 'Second Wind'
2014 Movie Video Screen Awards | Nominated for Best Short - 'Second Wind'
2013 Hollywood Black Film Festival | Winner of ‘Best Film’ - Hard Time Bus
2013 Movie Video & Screen Awards | Winner of ‘Best Film’ - Hard Time Bus
2013 Black Entertainment Film Fashion Television Awards | Winner of ‘Best TV Show’ - Naija Bites
2013 Jump Music Video Awards | Nominated for ‘Best Music Video’ - 4 Kornerz, Lean on My Shoulders
2012 Nollywood Movie Awards | Winner of ‘Best Movie Editing’ - The Mirror Boy
2011 Zulu African Film Academy Award | Winner of ‘Best Feature Film Editing’ - The Mirror Boy